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When working the new project for a new air conditioning system, It is important to know every aspect of the desired performance and the required workload. With the help of simulation tools, our engineers can determine the size of each component. We design products that has best power and characteristics. To get the best performance at the best price, it is important to start by identifying each part that creates an air conditioning system correctly. Gultekinler engineers and technical department are designing the most suitable product in each project arising. R&D team has extensive knowledge and experience.
After completing the product index for each air conditioner unit, the customer installation guide and diagram are prepared and submitted for customer approval. Each prototype is tested to evaluate to ISO 14269-2 standard and reports are shared by our prototype department. Our engineers evaluate all kinds of demands for air conditioning system and bring out the latest technology products to our customers.

One of the different solutions provided by Gultekinler to test an air conditioning system is our in-house climate room. This climate room is ideal for testing the operation of the HVAC system in vehicles and cabins and guaranteeing customer satisfaction.

Ambience Temperature Range -25°C --+60°C
Relative Humidity Range 10%-90%
Solar Heating Simulation Metal Halide Lamp 24 pieces x 400 W/m2
Test Room Dimensions 600x810x400 cm
Control Panel PLC Automatic Control
Room Temperature Measurement Sensor 2 pieces on suction vent. 1 piece PT100 termometer  (-40°C - +60°C, 4-20mA)
Temperature Measurement Sensor. 7 pieces on inside cabin K-type sensors (TS ISO 14269-2)


Performance tests are performed in accordance with the following rules:

•ISO 14269 for Agricultural Vehicles

•ISO 10263 for Construction Vehicles

•SAE J1503 for Agricultural Vehicles

Gultekinler Company has ISO 9001 certification. Quality-related processes are one of our priorities to guarantee all the needs of our customers. Gültekins also carries out a control process over suppliers in order to improve the standards of the supplied products.
The Gultekinler has modern technology and professional team. Gultekinler is in the field of Automotive air conditioning one of the leading companies in Turkey. Our company was established in Konya in 1956. The company started to production with cooling radiators and heating core for motor vehicles, we became the leading manufacturer in Turkey after 1996.
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